Hardinge HC Chucker Lathe

Hardinge HC Chucker Lathe

Hardinge HC Chucker

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Thru Hole2 3/4"
Spindle Capacity Round 5C Hardinge Collets1 1/16"
Spindle Capacity Hexagon 5C Hardinge Collets7/8"
Spindle Capacity Square 5C Hardinge Collets3/4"
Spindle Nose Diameter2.189"
Spindle Nose Thread2-3/16" - 10 R.H.
Cross Slide Travel4 1/2"
Spindle Speeds (Setting 1)125 -420 RPM
Spindle Speeds (Setting 2)375 -1125 RPM
Spindle Speeds (Setting 3)1050 -3000 RPM

Equipped With:
Threaded Nose Spindle
Lever 5C Collet Closer
Eight Station Turret
Variable Speed Drive
Coolant System
Travel Dial
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Hardinge HC Chucker Lathe
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