Star SB16 Swiss Automatic Lathe

Star SB16 Swiss Automatic Lathe

Star SB-16

Age: 2003

Stock Number: 1345

Catalog Specifications

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Max. Machining Diameter16mm
Max. Headstock Stroke (Stationary GB)205mm
Revolving GB155mm
Tool6 tools (12mm)*
4-Spindle Sleeve Holde4 Tools
-MAX. Drilling Capability10mm
-MAX. Tapping CapabilityM8 x P1.25
-MAX. Drilling Capability6mm
-MAX. Tapping CapabilityM5 x P0.8
Main Spindle10,000 RPM
C-Axis15 Degrees

Equipped With:
Fanuc 18-TB
Rotary Guide Bushing
LNS Hydro Bar Esxpress 332 (16, 13, 10)
Mist Buster
High Pressure Coolant System
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Star SB16 Swiss Automatic Lathe
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